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joseph just

My family has a tradition that one of our ancestors was given the title of baron. Does anyone how and where these titles were recorded?

Sarah Just

Vivian Kahn

Sara Just asks whether there are lists of Hungarian Jewish nobles. Wikipedia has published a list of Hungarian Jewish nobility at Examples include Baron Hermann Groedel, Mor Lipot Herzog, and Theodore Wolfner. Raphael Patai writes about this in his critical work, The Jews of Hungary: HIstory, Culture, Psychology. According to Patai, during the period 1824-1918, 346 Jewish families, comprising about 20 percent of total ennoblements, were given a place name with which yo preface their family name as an indication of noble rank. Prominent (mainly Jewish) bankers and industrialists were awarded with nobility, but their social status remained inferior to traditional aristocrats. Noble titles were abolished only in 1947, months after Hungary was proclaimed a republic.

Vivian Kahn, Oakland, California
JewishGen Hungarian Research Director

Bob Friedman

Another book focuses entirely on this subject:
Bob Friedman
Brooklyn, NY

Judi Gyory Missel

Members of my family were ennobled as well. The name was originally Hirschfeld, but several members changed it to Hetees. They were from Galgocz but lived in Budapest by that time. Antal Hirschfeld, a doctor and lawyer, became Anton Hetees in 1904 and was ennobled on 7 Apr 1910 in Budapest. His brother Moritz David Hirschfeld, a commercial adviser,  was ennobled at the same time. They are listed as Galgocsi Hetees, which consistent with the format Raphael Patai mentions in Vivian's response. 

Judi Missel
Mesa, Arizona


As for the specific question ( how and where titles were given) I don’t know .
But , I heard from my late father , there were Jews who  had titles in Hungary .
My father grew up in Ujpest ( now the 4th quarter of Budapest  ) which was a city with 20,000 Jewish inhabitants.
It was an affluent community , there was a family that had a title Baron , they had a large leather factory .
It was said 30,000 people worked there in one shift and that the railway branched into the factory and they had their own freight train station .
Nava Giron

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