Translation help with Hebrew inscription on grave #austria-czech

Michael Gordy

This is a collection of photos of an inscription on a single grave in Brno.  The name of the deceased in Aron Frisch.  I would be very grateful for a translation!
Michael Gordy
Takoma Park, MD, USA



May I suggest that you post one of the photos on ViewMate, and include the link to the other photos in your message?  That way, potential translators can easily see if someone else has already helped with this.  The benefit is that people will not be duplicating efforts already done, and others can also make additional comments/corrections easily.

Michael Gordy

Thanks to all who responded privately.  Case closed!  On the next occasion, I will take Fredel's advice to post to ViewMate instead.

Michael Gordy


Hi Michael,

At first glance, I am able to translate part of the gravestone:

A straight and nice man, the glory of his home and his children,

Aharon the son of Avraham Parish of blessed memory

dear wife, crown of her husband, glory of her children, Hildel the wife of Aharon Parish

on Wednesday, the 27th of (month of) Tevet and buried with a great eulogy on Friday the 29th of it (of month of Tevet) 5655

(the 27th of Tevet 5655 corresponds to the English date January 23, 1895)


Hope you are able to get a translation for the rest of it

- David