Looking for URI SOVIV #israel


I am looking for one Uri Soviv who was born in Nebraska to Aaron and Judith Soviv in 1943.  They left the United States in 1950, went to Israel and returned in 1951. The family resided in New Jersey and Rhode Island. Uri attended Bard College.  I am unable to located Uri in the United States and my guess is that he either changed his name OR he went to Israel.  Judith Soviv died in 1991 in Jerusalem and Aaron died in 1997 also in Jerusalem.  His brother Avraham died in 2014 in Jerusalem and he is buried at the Har HaMenuchot Cemetery along with his father.   We are trying to find out if there is an office at the cemetery that may have information on the burial to locate any family members.  

Thank you so much.,
Elissa Boyet
Charlotte, NC