Seeking people connected to the Brodsky family “Sugar Kings of Ukraine” #ukraine

Sheila Toffell

There is a story in my maternal grandmothers family that she was in some way connected to this very illustrious family. It is intriguing bc we do not know her maiden name, in fact know nothing but her first name, but a cousin who is a grandson of great aunt was also told the story in more detail by his mother than my mother apparently knew, so it seems to be a fact. Unfortunately my research shows many of the Brodsky family were killed in the Shoah, but browsing online one day I discovered an old Ancestry blog thread of a discussion where other people had been told the same story as the two of us. Is there anyone else that was told this story? 

Sheila Toffell
Glen Rock NJ
Researching Korsunsky, Kramer, Bresenov, Lakomski, Rachwalski, Toffel, Feldman, Lazarus and the towns of Stavische, Boguslav in Ukraine and Slesin, Skulsk, Sompolno, Josefow nad Wisla, Krasnik and Opole Lubelskie in Poland. 


I also have stories about the Brodsky family.
My paternal Grandfather, Jacob Zamansky, and his family were master carpenters who worked for the Brodsky
sugar beet farms. My maternal Grandmother Schifra Dolinsky’s father was a bookkeeper for the family.
At one point in time it was told to me that her father Moishe Dolinsky also kept the books for the Brodsky synogogue in
either Smila or Kiyev.
I don’t know what happened to Moishe but his wife Dina and all but one daughter were able
to come to this country. Genia Dolinsky Krupnik supposedly died in the Shoach.
There were also many Brodsky family members who emigrated and settled in the Hudson Valley
of New York.
Sharon Zamansky Kushner
Colorado Springs CO
all from Smila, Odessa and Kiyev in Ukraine.