Immigration to Brazil

Asher Vardi

My wife's Grand Mother immigrated to Brazil from Galicia/Poland in 1935. She traveled by boat with her three children. I could not find any trace of their journey. I think that they boarded the ship in Italy. I would appreciate any help or advice on how to find any information related to their trip.

Thank you.



Hi Asher,

I live in Brazil, São Paulo, How can I help yu?
Which families's Surnames até yu looking for? When and where did they lived in Brazil?

Crivorot, Sergio


As far as I know there is no simple mechanism to search by passenger name; you would need some more data points. One place to start is:


Alternatively, you could contact the “Sociedade de Genealogia Judaica do Rio de Janeiro – SGJRJ” for better guidance. Do you know at least which city in Brazil they moved to ?

Sandra Lilienthal

Michael Hoffman

HI Asher,

You should try this website address on Family Search for Brazil Ri de Janeiro Immigration records Brazil Rio de Janeiro Immigration Cards 1900-1965 155,186 56,492 It would appear that all migrants to Brazil went through this Port City when arriving in Brazil and for all on going destinations in the Southern Part of South America, including Argentina, Uruguay.

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Michael Hoffman

Mirta Scheffer

I wonder if I could find help with my fathers side of the family.
My father Jose Scheffer and his sister and parents lived in Pelotas, Brazil from 1921 to 1930. He was born in Argentina in 1914. His father was Leib Scheffer and his grandfather was Haim Scheffer.
Pelotas is the only information I have.
Is there any way to find information from this time period in Pelotas?

Thank you so much,

Mirta Scheffer
Elkins Park, PA. USA


Hello Mirta
Here is the link to the Jewish Association of Pelotas (need translation). Maybe they can help you.

Best regards
José Marcos Thalenberg, from São Paulo, Brazil.


The link:

Luiz Lilienthal

I suggest you to get in touch with the "Sociedade Israelita de Pelotas"
(, they might have at least some
information you are looking for.

Good luck!

Lewis, Megan

Family search has two databases about emigration to Brazil:

Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, immigration cards = Brasil, cartões de imigração, 1900-1965
Brazil, São Paulo, Immigration Cards, 1902-1980

Megan Lewis
US Holocaust Memorial Museum