Translation of two death records in German

Gary Bloom

Could some please translate the following two death records? They are in German. I would especially like to know what the handwriting says, parents names etc.

Thank you very much!!

Susan Bloom
Olney, Maryland

Corinna Woehrl (nee Goslar)

Hello Susan,

I would be willing to transcribe/translate the death-records:

1. but with my German worldwide-Ancestry-account I do not have access to the documents provided with the links and
2. maybe someone else started the translation before me and I wouldn’t know about it which would lead to duplication of efforts:

so: if you downloaded the documents and shared the link via ViewMate (it really is easy, just follow the instructions) every JewishGenner
- can see that the documents have been taken care of (or not)
- and may also provide you with corrections or annotations (wisdom of the crowd - more substantial information)
- and others with similar requests will be able to learn from the information provided.

Unless private information is included I would always prefer the „open“ Viewmate to private translations!


Corinna Woehrl (nee Goslar), Germany, Hoisdorf (between Hamburg and Luebeck)



I definitely agree with Ms. Woehrl:  Please post the documents on jewishgen's ViewMate.