Looking for Relatives of Jacob Rubin from Newark NJ


I am working on a research project to find any living relatives of Jacob Rubin.  Jacob was in the real estate business in Newark, NJ.  His wife's name is Fannie Runistky/Bunitisky.  I have all pertinent census records 1910-1940. I know they had a son Abe born on July 3 1895 in New Jersey and he married his wife Bella/Belle Illion/Illionitsky in NYC in Feb 1918. They had one child Carol Rubin born in New Jersey in 1924. I cannot locate anything past the 1940 census on her.  Jacob also had a daughter Ida Rubin who was born on June 3 1893. I found both Abe and Ida's birth information on  I have the SSN death index for one Ida Rubin Koplowitz.who is the same Ida based on her birth information.  She died in 1981 in Florida. She did reside in West Orange NJ.  We are looking to see if she had any children

If anyone has any ideas or knows of the family please let me know  

Elissa Boyet 
Charlotte NC

Merrill Paletz

Please write me privately about this. I have availability to look at the NJ State Library for death certificates (which are not on  line sometimes Have you checked Reclaim the Records.  I know they have alot of information that one used to have to go look at hard copies.  You may have to get a Florida death certificate but i do not know if they will just send to immediate relatives.  Let me know if you have tried all this