grave on Mt. Of Olives

Roberta Lipitz <rlipitz@...>

Looking for grave of Great Grandfather Hersche Shore buried on Mount Of Olives.  Unfortunately do not know dating.  Only know that he definitely left Jaffa (out of ship from Le Havre, France) July 1903 and went back to be buried years later in Jerusalem.

Any help/advice will be greatly appreciated.

Roberta Lipitz

Gayle Schlissel Riley

Mt olives records are in Mea Sherim. They have wonderful maps. I got my great grandfathers records there..Gayle
Louis Littman Gold

Moishe Miller

You say "Mt olives records are in Mea Sherim". Can you be more specific? How do we access them? Is there any contact or address detail you can add?

Moishe Miller
Brooklyn, NY

Dror Bereznitsky

Mount of Olives has a website which allows search for a grave.
It will return information transcribed from the tombstone and sometimes a photo.
It has an English and Hebrew versions.

Flavio Baran <fdbaran@...>

This is a link to the new Israel Chevra Kadisha website:
Although it says that Mt. of Olives cemetery is not yet included ("coming soon"), I would try to contact them through the website and ask for help.
Good luck,
Vered Dayan   

Jeff at SG

Sadly the English version of the search page is blank and unusable.
The Hebrew version works.

Jeff Malka

Odeda Zlotnick

Sadly the English version of the search page is blank and unusable.The Hebrew version works.
The English version works, you need a bit of patience, and then, a click on the (upper right hand corner)  X where you see a blank. 
After that, you can fill in names - and find some graves.