Help - Crack a puzzle about Ptaszek family research

דוד נ.א.

1. Could it be that "Beyla" in one record is "Dwora" in another?
2. Is "Myszka" likely to be "Hisza"?

Baruch Hashem, I managed to reach my family research a few generations
back to the early nineteenth century, to a grandfather named Asher
Ptaszek, from the town of Miedzyrzec. Except here, I was stopped by a
fascinating challenge.

"Grandpa Asher" had a brother, named Nachman. On the other hand, I
found in the town a man named Nachman Ptaszek. If Nachman is the
brother of "Asher" - then it fascinating. Because the documents tell
about Nahman's parents and even his grandparents (until 1760!), And
also about his many descendants, of whom I also found people living
with us today.

But, how disappointing: I can't find conclusive proof of Nachman's
identification as Asher's brother. On the one hand, all signs indicate
that they are siblings, but on the other hand - there is some data
that contradicts that. And the "conclusive " proof - I don't, because
I don't have enough data on Asher's family.

I won't give you all the data and image analysis here, because it will
be long, I'll just share with you the basics, and the problems that
mark me.

The documents clearly state that Asher's wife called "Dwora" and that
he had a brother called Asher. And also Nachman's documents say he had
a brother named Asher. In terms of age - they are similar, both about
1808. Other signs indicate a match.

So why not? Mainly because of the following reason:
I found the death record of a person named Asher Ptaszek. It can be a
good match for my grandfather, especially in light of the fact that he
died young (24), like my grandfather. But, my grandfather's wife was
called "Dwora", and the widow of this "Asher" was called "Beyla".

The names are quite different, it seems that the clerk was wrong. She
may have been called two names "Dwora Beyla" but that is also
unlikely. Deborah appears in her name so her only name in three
certificates over different periods (birth, marriage, and death of her
daughter), strange that in one certificate only Beyla appears as a
single name.

And assuming this Asher is not "My Grandfather Asher" is a problem.
Because the names of his parents are very similar to the names of
Nachman's parents, and very likely they are brothers, and if so he is
Nachman's brother and not "mine".

The parents of this Asher (from the death certificate) called Samuel
and "Myszka," while Nachman's parents called Samuel and "Hisza." It's
probably the same people. Especially as far as I know - there is no
such woman's name "Myszka", very likely it is the clerk's mistake in
identifying the sound. How about that?

Thank you for your help
David Nesher

Eva Lawrence

 I can think of two explanations:1) Dvora died before Asher and he married again. 2) That your grandfather was born to Nachman's parents after th first Asher died and given the same name. Neither is very likely, I admit, unless some of the data is very vague. Could Asher have been a bigamist? Did Beyla's date of death? Or the names of her parents?
Eva Lawrence
St Albans, UK. 30