Where is Politzk, Russia? #lithuania

Irina Fridman

It's Polotzk or Polotsk in Belorus

Russ Maurer

Consider Polatsk, Belarus, about 150 miles from Vilnius. Less likely option: Płock ("Plotsk"), Poland. Both were within the Russian empire prior to WWI.

Russ Maurer

Yaakov Saxon

I’m sure people more knowledgeable will chime in, but I wonder if Politzk might be Plotzk, the Yiddish name for Plock, Poland (then under the Russian empire - my ancestors from nearby Plonsk also have it listed as Russia)

Yaakov Saxon

Elsebeth Paikin

Can it be Polotsk, Vitebsk gubernia, now Belarus?
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Elsebetb Paikin


My grandfather emigrated to New York City in 1913 (born in the early 1890's). I was told he was from Russia then I was told he was from Lithuania, as was msy grandmother (she was from Vilnius). His World War II registration card says he was born in "POLITZK, RUSSIA."  I cannot find this on the internet.  Does anyone know where this is or what it's called today?  Any help is appreciated.