Seeking Rabbi Aryeh Leib BIALIK (circa 1850-1912)

Richard Goldman

I am researching the BIALIK family from the area of Ostroleka, Poland. Rabbi Aryeh Leib BIALIK lived about 1850--1912. He had a daughter Sara BIALIK (1891-1979) who came to America and was married to Menachem SHAPIRO (1882-1967).   Rabbi BIALIK is somehow related to the the family of Benjamin BIALIK (1862-1911) married to Dina WEINGART (1863-1953) who is buried in Los Angeles with numerous descendants.

Dick Goldman
Boynton Beach, FL

Molly Staub

Are you familiar with the poet Chiam Nachman Bialik? I attended the Chiam Nachman Bialik Folk Shul (a Jewish school) in West Philadelphia in the 1940s. I believe it was at 59th and Locust streets . Teacher was Mr. Shichman.

Molly Arost Staub
Boca Raton, FL
Member Jewish Genealogy of Palm Beach County

Dena and Hadar Matmon

I went to the Bialik Shul at 59th and Larchwood in Philadelphia from 1948 to 1954. Velvel Shichman was my teacher as well. He and his wife were very good friends of my parents.Last year, after years of research with some of my cousins, we finally found the family link to Chaim Nachman Bialik. I live in Israel and have been to the Bialik Museum several times.
Dena Matmon, hdmatmon@...