Sheldon Dan <sheldan1955@...>

I am looking for information regarding the BIERENKRANT family in Argentina.  I understand that they may have originated in the same area that my wife's BIRNKRANT family originated.
Sheldon Dan

Dominique Anderson <rozen0214@...>

Try looking them up on
it is the largest database of arrivals to Argentina. It is free. Also only in Spanish, I believe.
Good luck!
Dominique Rozenberg Anderson 

Alberto Guido Chester

Since CEMLA has no Soundex capability and this surname is very strange to Spanish language, I suggest you try several spellings.
Virenkrant- Bierencrant- Bieren- Viren- ect etc

Besides, notice CEMLA is the only database for arrivals to Argentina, however its, unfortunately, incomplete.

Good luck!

Alberto Guido Chester
Buenos Aires, Argentina