KLein of Westbury, NY

Randi Patrick

I found this information related to the Kevin Klein surname:

Arnon:  30 Oct 1973
Beth Kara:  16 Mar 1975

Both are listed with the following addresses:

15 The Glenda, Roslyn, NY 11576
215 East 68th Street, Apt 2Y, Manhattan, NY  10065

Others with the Klein surname that were or are residing at the Manhattan/NYC address but it’s an apartment building so they’re probably not related:

Deborah E  20 May 1941 Apt 6-O
Diane L  1 Jun 1951 Apt 3N
Dorothy 11Apr 1918 Apt 5 I
Jonathan 2 Jun 1962 Apt 8Z
Marilyn 2 Apr1919 Apt. 2D
Zoe Graham 27 Nov 1996 Apt 2S

Neil Rosenstein

  Trying to make contact with the family of the late Jack Klein, father of Eran Eliyahu, Arnon (married in 2003 to Beth Mann) and Ilan Klein. They descend from Rabbi Shmelke of Selish.