Amazon Donations for JewishGen

Nancy Siegel

If you shop online with, we encourage you to sign up for Amazon’s Smile program and designate JewishGen as your organization of choice. When you make purchases through, you will generate donations from Amazon for JewishGen.

You can use the Smile program for your holiday shopping and year-round. To sign up for the program, follow this link:

To learn more about the Smile program, go to:

Happy shopping!

Nancy Siegel

Director of Communications


Hi Nancy,
I think this is a great idea!  Lord knows, I spend enough on Amazon.  When I went to the link, I got my account, but putting in JewishGen yielded a couple of state societies but not JewishGen itself.  Perhaps others will have this problem and may also benefit from more direction!

Madeleine Sann

I am ashamed to say how much we spend on Amazon purchases a month. The charity I designated has, over perhaps 3 years of our spending thousands upon thousands of dollars (442 orders), reaped a little over $100. It’s a good idea to designate a charity but the actual money generated is discouraging. If you use the mobile app, it will not generate anything. You have to go through the site - which we do.

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