More on USCIS Fee Increases

Jan Meisels Allen

Jbonline said many of the records are available at National Archives.  This is WRONG!  USCIS has not transferred the records over to the National Archives . Please read the coalition website for  ACCURATE information


“Why is USCIS still holding on to and charging fees for access to records that should already be at the National Archives (NARA), or which already exist at NARA but are withheld from the public due to restrictions placed by USCIS? Do USCIS and NARA have any plans to transfer these historical records and make them available at NARA?


    Visa Files and Registry Files, both subject to the proposed $625 total fee, became eligible for transfer to NARA in April 2019. Where are they? Does USCIS plan to collect $625 apiece when these records should already be available to the public at NARA?

    Alien Registration Forms, subject to the proposed $240 fee, exist on microfilm at NARA but remain unavailable because of a USCIS restriction. When will this be lifted?

    A-Files of immigrants born more than 100 years ago should be at NARA, as per USCIS' own 2009 records retention schedule. Why must we still request A-files from USCIS for new fees of up to $625?”


Please don/t assume about what is and is not available at the National Archives. 


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee




Jan, as you may recall, I asked for correction if I was mistaken.  Thank you for taking the time to do so.