Stephen Denker

Are there websites and/or suppliers we can go to learn and/or purchase materials?


Should the individual documents be separated in storage boxes?


Stephen Denker

Brookline, MA

Flavio Baran <fdbaran@...>


Your questions are too broad. There must be dozens, if not hundreds, of articles on the web on the subject of archival preservation. I would read five-ten and select an approach most suitable for you.

Boris Feldblyum

Madeleine Isenberg

Hi Stephen,

One suggestion for standard-size sheets of paper is to insert them into acid-free sheet protectors; for photographs you can find acid-free photo pages that accommodate various sizes of photographs. 

These are all 3-holed punch and you could keep them in binders or in standard size file folders.

Stores that carry office supplies or on-line office supplies are good sources for purchase.

Hope this helps.

Madeleine Isenberg
Beverly Hills, CA


In general, I suggest storing all original documents in acid-free packages, perhaps in individual sleeves in an acid-free box.  Of course, the paper of the document may not be acid-free, but this will still help to preserve them.  They should also be kept out of sunlight and strong artificial light.  Beyond this, I suggest the references mentioned by others.

Laurie Sosna

I was given my great grandmother's 1911 Russian passport and travel documents and I wanted those taken care of.
I asked someone in our Special Collections department how to store documents.
Once you've got all your documents in their acid free sleeves, use clamshell archival storage boxes.
Keeps things organized nicely, but also keeps dust out.
Three ring binders are open at the top, and contaminants can get in.
The boxes will sit nicely on a shelf.

Laurie Sosna