Family Names in Messages (was #digest)

Joan A. Baronberg

Yes. I see that on the Jewishgen website there is a listing of people responsible for certain activities and groups: Maybe they can add a listing of  digest moderators. Certainly we need a person to contact re. issues remaining on this new format.

Rosanne Leeson

Yes, making sure that all family names were in caps was one of the
of the SIG Moderators!

Rosanne Leeson

Wayne S Marcus

It would also be helpful if those names were added to the daily summary index.
Wayne Marcus SDJGS
Irvine, CA


Alex Girshovich

I think that "all caps in family names" was a ground-rule in the JewishGen discussion groups for ages. We just need to keep it after moving to the new platform.
Yes, both Peter's suggestions would be very helpful to everybody.

Alex Girshovich

Peter Lebensold

Agreed!  Having all family names (and nothing else) in all caps makes it so much easier to quickly scan messages for names of interest.

What would also be helpful would be if those who post images for translation, or links to ViewMate postings, would be sure to include the family names of those to whom the images refer.  Otherwise, we have to open each ViewMate posting to see if, perhaps, one of "our" names is referenced.

Peter Lebensold