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Danielle James <daniandw@...>

Dear Members,

In the last few days an article has appeared in our local Adelaide,
South Australian, newspaper The Advertiser trying to locate blood
relatives of an Aaron FELDMAN who died in May 1990 leaving behind an
estate worth $A2. (currently now worth $A3.2m). He failed to leave a will
and whilst distant relatives of his wife came forward to claim it, they were
refused on the grounds that they were not blood relatives. The estate
is now in the hands of the Public Trustees who are seeking his heirs.
If not claimed the money will go into the coffers of the State

Investigators have managed to get a vague sketch of his origins. They
believe he was born in Austria in 1903. I was wondering if this
information might be of value to some member/s of this group. He seems
to have been a rather difficult person - he was barred >from the casino,
had several brushes with the courts and at one stage blocked public access
to a laneway near his shops. This information is given in no way to besmirch
his character, but perhaps might "ring a bell" with someone. It is possible
that he also changed his name before leaving Austria

Kind wishes to all

Danielle James
Adelaide, South Australia