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To all those researchers out there.I am still desperately searching for any
information on my relatives. The only information that I have to date, is
the following:
My Mother was Hanna WERNER, born August 21st 1928 in prague, Czechoslovakia.
My Grandparents were:
Otto WERNER born 28.4.1892 and Ester WERNER, born ADLER in Lodz, Poland
My Maternal Great Grandparents were: (Ester's parents) Gerson ADLER born
in the Zdunska,Wola district of Lodz, Poland 11.05.1877.
His wife was Nach/Natalia ADLER nee MICHALOWICZ born Lodz, Poland, 4.1 or
Their other children were two daughters Anna ADLER born on the 4.or
3.12.1911, Lodz, Poland and Ida ADLER born in Lodz, Poland born 14. 01.1909.
They also had a son, Mosek Sljama (Moritz?) ADLER born on 22.3.1903 in
Brezna, Lodz, Poland. He lived in Slany near Kladno, with Anna and his Mother
Natalie and then they all moved to Prague.
Otto's parent's names were; Max and Fanny WERNER, circa?
Ida ADLER born 14. 01.1909 married in approximately 1930 a Jindrich HOFFMAN,
born 25.O9.1905. I believe they immigrated to Palestine and were the people
who cared for my Mother between the years 1939 and 1947.
Does anyone recognise any of these people and know anything further about
them? I would really love to find some relatives, more information or
perhaps some photos.
Sherry hatfield

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