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The confusion here arises because there was a:

1. Vienna *street* named Landesgerichtsstr. where one
can find 19 holocaust victims who were deported to
their deaths to: *Riga, Theresienstadt, Dachau
Litzmannstadt and Modliboryzce from
Landesgerichtsstr nos 18/11, 12/7/; 20/7; 20, 18.

2. A district court called Landesgericht, Wien
Wolf-Erich Eckstein told us there are at least 18
people listed as Jewish holocaust victims who died
there. He did not know the cause of death.

Firstly, the street: there are 17 Jewish deportation
victims listed on "Letter to the Stars":

Just enter: Landesgericht or Landesgerichtsstr [sic]
into "adress" [sic] slot. These victims were all
deported to their deaths [see footnote] >from one or
more houses in the Landesgerichtsstr. I have checked
each one. These 17 victims are ***not the same*** as
the ones who died at the Landesgericht.

If you enter all the 17 names on the list into "Nicht
mehr Anonym" on Doew they do not
appear - ie they were not on the Gestapo Kartei, but
"normal" holocaust victims.

Now to the Landesgericht - the court. I cannot access
the 18 victims >from the Gestapo Kartei by a
reverse-address search on Doew - so am unable to say
who they are. But Wolf-Erich has a Doew CD and there
he can find them.

I have however discovered how **all** of us can find
the people murdered {or who died in suspicious
circumstances} at the Landesgericht, Vienna.
Please enter "Landesgericht" into the slot designated: Oder
nach einem Betreff uber die gesamte Liste suchen:
on the "Letter to the Stars" website:

You will find 39 names and click on each name in turn
to see which of them were deported >from the
Landesgerichtsstr. or which were killed at the Landes-
gericht itself. Here are 20 victims of summary
justice in the Nazi era. :

Josef ANDERSCH born ?
Max Israel BUCHLER [umlaut] born ?
Kurt GLASER born ?
Richard GLASER born ?
Felix GRAFE* born 09.07.1888 in Humpoletz
Elfriede HARTMANN* born 21.05.1921 in Vienna
Josef JAKOBOVICS* born 31.01.1916 in Vienna
Heinrich KAUFLER* born 10.06.1913 in ?
Schmiel LEIBEL born ?
Alexander LUBEK [umlaut] born ?
Theresia MELLER* born 27.01.1918 in Vienna
Herbert POPPER born ?
Bernhard PROPPER born in 01.01.1908 in Vienna
Alexander Johannes ROSENHEIM* born 07.12.1904 in
Leopold SEGALL* born 19.11.1905 in Vienna
Ernst SPATZ born 13.01.1907 in Vienna
Ernst Israel SPATZ born 03.03.1923
Franz STIMMER born ?
Otto TAUSSIK born 17.07.1870 in Chotebor
Adolf WALTUCH born 13.09.1909 in ?

I was most interested to see that some died at the
Landesgericht as late as March 1945. I feel sure there
must be police records somewhere about these deaths
- if we could only locate them. They may even be in
Moscow, where I know some vital documents and data
ended up. You can see photographs of those victims
with an asterisk after their names on Doew "Nicht mehr
Anonym [look for the link on the right of the home
page] Enter the surname into the
search slot. Click on the photographs for comments on
their endictment. For Leopold SEGALL there is a
detailed account of his execution in Berlin.

Celia Male [U.K.]

Footnote: Heinz KAUFLER whom Wolf-Erich found on the
Gestapo list is listed on Letter to the Stars as
Heinrich KAUFLER - I have cross-checked all these
names on Yad Vashem to see what it says about their
fate. Further postings will deal with this distressing
subject. We remember them all here today.