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Sandra and Donald Hirschhorn <sdh2381@...>

I have learned >from two sources (oral history) that my great-grandfather
Schmuel Brumer was born in Vienna and attended medical school there. Also,
Dr. Brumer was "eye doctor to the Tsar" and my family was permitted to live
in Moscow as a result of this. My Mom did live in Moscow with her family in
the 1900's. This information was also confirmed by two groups of my family.

Is there a list of medical students in Vienna during the 1800's available
anywhere? I would like to confirm this information.

Also as a new member of this group, it would help if I could determine where
to write for a birth certificate if such was available in the 1850's-1860's.

Thank you.
Sandra Hirschhorn
Boca Raton, FL