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In Austria there used to be, and I think there still is, the so-
called Heimatsgesetz, where every citizen has a hometown to which he
belongs, so to speak. I also think it was difficult to change the
hometown and it seems that Viennes Jews, originating in the provinces
or Hungary, had difficulty getting a Vienna "home registration".
According to "Dr. Bloch's Oesterreichisches Wochenblatt", a Viennese
Jewish weekly dated Jan. 1, 1901 this law changed on this day.
from then on an Austrian citizen who was living voluntarily and
continuosly in a certain locality could apply for acceptance into the
local "Home Community" (Heimatsverband) and the application could not
be refused by this community.
If there was an unfavourable or no decision within 6 months, the case
would be forwarded to the higher political authority, which would then
make the decision.
In several follow up articles the paper advises its readers to bring
their citizenship affairs in order and make the necessary
applications, especially Hungarian citizens, who may loose their
citizenship if they are residing more than 10 years outside Hungary.
Henry Wellisch