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Dear SIGers -

I have a further question about my great-grandfather Moritz NOWAK

Several of the peple he would have known well through his
business and municipal activities were honoured by the Kaiser
Franz Josef. Moriz KUFFNER (of brewery and astronomy fame) became
Moriz Edler von KUFFNER in 1878. Anton ZAGORSKI, the architect,
became Anton Ritter von ZAGORSKI (The rank of ‘Ritter’ is a point
higher than ‘Edler’ in the Austrian aristocratic hierarchy).

Family lore insists that Moritz NOWAK was also so honoured,
perhaps with a 'von', but I have found no evidence that it is the
case. Neither his newspaper death obituary in 1916 nor his Last
Will nor his death notice mention it. The history of Ottakring,
the Vienna suburb he lived and did business in, makes no mention
of it. So it might be just a family rumour.

Where might I apply to search further?

Robert Fraser
Perth,Western Australia
NOWAK - Moravia/Austria; EISINGER - Moravia and the World
FINKELSTEIN - Galicia; NAGEL - Moravia/Austria