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David & Diana Laufer


For starters you could read the Beginners Guide to Austrian Jewish Genealogy by Randol Schoenberg.

A quick browse on the Vienna Jewish Cemetery database revealed 11 burials of people
with the surname ERDSTEIN
The dates of burial and their ages are given. With that information you could search
through the LDS microfilm copies of Vienna death records to discover more information on
those individuals. This is not a quick task. Depending on the information found you could look up birth and marriage
records on LDS microfilms*,0,0

What information do you have to suggest that this family was in Vienna since the early 1800s ?
My understanding is that the Jewish population of Vienna was quite small in the first half of the
19th century, with large immigration >from 1848 onwards mainly >from other regions of the Hapsburg Empire.


David Laufer