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The 'Out of the Shadows: Rediscovering Jewish Music and Theatre'
festival will feature many events which will be of specific interest
to Austria-Czech SIG members.

It takes place in Leeds and York (UK), commencing this Wednesday (1st
June), and running until 23rd June.

Highlights include:

Gideon Klein: Portrait of a Composer (focusing of the life of the
Moravian-born musician)
Harlequin in the Ghetto (written in Terezin)
Music in the Terezin Ghetto (performed by the Nash Ensemble)
A Chronicle of Life and Death (music by Viktor Ullmann)
An exhibition of children's drawings >from Terezin
Fate and Fairytales (the music of Wilhelm Grosz and Zikmund Schul)
...and much more.

This festival is being organised by the Performing the Jewish Archive
project, and is the second of five similar international festivals.
The first took place in Madison, Wisconsin, last month. The Czech
Republic will host the third in September, with events taking place in
Prague, Pilsen and Terezin.

Further details:
Also, feel free to contact me direct for further information.


Dr. David Fligg
Project Consultant, Performing the Jewish Archive, School of Music,
University of Leeds (