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Having read the many e-mails concerning "employees of the Czar" I think it
would be valuable to learn what entitled individuals (and their families) to
live outside the pale of settlement. Were there any specific rules at any
specific times? If so, where can one turn to obtain this information.

My family was able to live in Moscow before and during the Revolution and
left Russia in either 1919 or 1920 going out through Turkey. They lived in
both Constantinople (Istanbul now) and Paris and came to the U.S. to New York
via ship >from Naples in 1921. Surprisingly, they received visas >from the
Dutch Embassy and I have no idea how or why. The ship's manifest indicated
that they were going on to Toronto, Canada which they never did as they
remained in New York City.

The name of my stepgrandfather (who headed the family at that time) was
listed as Jack D. HOGAN and his occupation shows engineer. His name was
actually KOGAN and in the family he was known as Jimmy. Even today many
Russians list their occupations as "engineer" so not sure what this meant.

Would appreciate any help possible.

Researching: Litvin, Kogan, Karpay (Carpey) Rafalczech (Sp.?)Ralph

Sandy Hirschhorn