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TROTSKY Berko ben Vulf, age 30
TROTSKY Khasia bat Berko V' Malka, age 8
TROTSKY Malka bat Meer, age 31
appear in the 1858 Lida census for the town of Voronovo.
That was Vilna guberniya, Lithuania, now Grodno Oblast,
Belarus, an area contiguous to Slonim.
More information about Lida uezd can be found at
Hope the information is useful to Udi.
Ellen Sadove Renck
Coordinator, Lida District Researchers

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Dear all.

My G'G'G'grandmother, Sarah (nee ?), got married to Sinai Trotsky, in the
1820s'/30s' (my G'G'grandmother, Miriam Batia Trotsky-Zalaznik, their
daughter, had her first son in 1856). Sarah was a descendant of Yom Tov
Lipman Halevi Heller, who died in 1654.
Both Sarah and Sinai, were perhaps >from Slonim. Did any one met that name in
Slonim? Another possibility is Berdichev or Zhitomir, in the Ukraine.

Regards >from Jerusalem. Udi Cain.