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Jennifer Meltzer <jmeltzer@...>

Just this weekend I received a copy of the death certificate of my
maternal great grandmother BESSIE (BOSHA) MELTZER. That was part of
what struck me - we had always thought the name was some variation
of MEZZE based on my grandfather's 1952 certificate. Hers was issued
in May 1910 - so certainly those supplying the info are long gone.
The father's first name appears to be "Flaae".
Anyone have any idea of what that might actually be?

Ditto my gggmother's name - SARAH WEINSTEIN - most likely SURA V?
since Weinstein wasn't a Russian name.

My Bosha was born in 1846 and came to New York City in approximately
1889. She died in May 1910. It is possible that her original port
of entry was Canada. She was originally married to FEITEL MOSHE
PEARLMAN (possibly before she immigrated), and then to JACOB RIFKIN.
My grandfather was PEARLMAN. Her last residence was W. 117th St.
in Manhattan.

Any info is greatly appreciated!

Jennifer Meltzer

Researching: FELDMAN, WEISMAN, KOPILOFF - Latvia
PEARLMAN, RIFKIN - Belarus to the Bronx
BECK - Vilna, Gt. Britian, Phillipines