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Marlene Bishow <mlbishow@...>

Dear Novogroduk Researchers:


While I am seeking out a new leader for the Novogrudok Shtetl Research
Group, I want to let everyone who is interested know that the Belarus SIG is
acquiring a digital copy of Novogrudok records >from the FHL. The records are

1818 Revision List for Novogrudok, LDS film # 2008282.

When the CD arrives, I will count the lines and have a better estimate of
the cost to translate. I am first and foremost interested in knowing if we
have any volunteer translators. If we cannot find volunteers, then we will
go with paid translators.

I will also be keeping track of persons who are interested and willing to
contribute financially to this project. We have NOT set up a line item for
donations, but we will when we know what costs to anticipate.

Please contact me 1) If you are interested in being a volunteer translator
for this project.

Please contact me 2) If you are interested in contributing financially to
this project once we set it up.

Hoping to hear >from you.[MODERATOR NOTE: Please reply privately to Marlene, not
to the List!]

Marlene Bishow
Shtetl Research Project Leader
Belarus SIG

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