Belarus SIG #Belarus Gelt, guilt, tax deductions, any excuse will do! #belarus


It's that time of year. A season of light and
happiness and gelt. Have some extra gelt you'd like
to share with the JewishGen Belarus SIG? Go to
JewishGen-erosity Belarus page and contribute to a
project or the general fund.

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Or maybe with a slip of the mind you aren't thinking
gelt but guilt--they sound so similar. Well, ease
your guilt and donate!

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Or maybe you are starting to think about tax returns.
Donations to the SIG make a fine deduction!

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With just a few clicks of the button you'll make a
difference in the world.

Thanks to all of you who donate in time, services,
and/or gelt. It's because of your help we can keep
working on SIG projects: finding, saving and sharing
information that will help researchers now and in the

Happy holidays!

Sharon Fingold
co-coordinator JewishGen Belarus SIG