Belarus SIG #Belarus Need help with US Census #belarus

Ara Morenberg <amorenberg@...>

I have posted a partial page of a US Census on
ViewMate (VM9509). On line 30, I cannot make sense of
the Last Residence listed for the traveler, David
SCHERPER. If anyone can make it out, I would be
greatly appreciative. I have tried several different
combinations and cannot correlate with the name of a
shtetl listed in JewishGen.

Thanks in advance for your help. Please reply

Ara Morenberg
Pembroke Pines, FL

Cayman Islands, Jamaica, Amsterdam, Portugal:
Feurtado/Furtado, Watler, Tatum, DaCosta Alvarenga,
Minsk, Belarus: Scherper/Sherper, Levin,
Jaroslow, Poland & Bukowina, Austria:
Morenberg/Mohrenberg, Burg,
Mogy, Greif, Wald