Belarus SIG #Belarus RE: Braude/Zunshine/Gorelik letters from Belorussian on-line auction #belarus

JHRG of Belarus <belshtetl@...>

Hi All,
There is a bid for six (6) original letters on a Belorussian on-line
website. They were written by the BRAUDE family members from
Beshenkovichy between 1908 and 1914.Also note that this same bid features
some other items as follows:
A 1916 post office receipt of a money transfer to Rivka GORELIK,
daughter of Yankel GORELIK >from Parichy, and it contains her original sig-
ature in Russian.. A 1915 letter >from Vinnitza addressed to Movsha
ZUNSHINE of Brest who was selling baskets, making a business offer
to Mr. ZUNSHINE about buying baskets >from him.If anyone has an interest
in these letters,please contact us. Thank you.

Yuri Dorn
Coordinator of Jewish Heritage Research Group in Belarus