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I'm trying to track down records of the NOVAGRODSKY family in Belarus.

Shmuel NOVOGRODSKY was born between 1830-1840 in Grodno Gubernia where he
married Sarah Bzozet (sp?) about 1855. They had (at least) 4 children.
Trying to trace their roots in Grodno.

1. Son Eliezer N. b. between 1858-1860 in Grodno. Died 1935 in Dvorets.
Married Itka Szepetnicki about 1895 in Dvorets. Itka died about 1923 in
Dvorets. They had 9 children, 7 of whom disappeared during the Holocaust
except for.

Luba N. (b.1898 in Grodna) emigrated to the US in 1914, where she married
Joseph Kranz.

Isak N. (b. 3 July 1912 in Kojdanau, Minsk Gubernia), who escaped & joined
the Bielsky Partisans, where he met his wife Genia Chapkevitch. They
emigrated to the US in 1948 with son Schlomo.

Can we track down records for the 8 children who disappeared?

2. Daughter Ruchel N. b 1865-1870 in Grodno. Died about 1917 in Dvorets.
Married Leib Rabinowitz about 1890 in Dvorets & had 5 sons & 2 daughters,
all of whom emigrated to the US. Leib came to US in 1921 with the last 3

3. Son Izek N. His Petition for Naturalization says he was born in Mlawa 20
Jul, 1873. Married & had 3 sons & 5 daughters, all of whom came to the US
with Izek I think following the death of their mother. Izek was a rabbi &
later worked as a shochet slaughtering chickens. He remarried Minnie Halber
in 1919.

4. Shimon N born 15 Jan 1876 in Grodno. Married & emigrated to US with wife
Anna & son Solomon in 1903.

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