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My maternal grandfather's Hebrew name was Yehoshua (I am sure of this as
I was named for him). However, on his Ketubbah, his name was given as
Hosea. He was born 1887 and raised in Nesvizh, between Minsk and Pinsk,
so he definitely was >from Belarus. In NY, he took the name Sam (oddly
enough, he had a brother with the Hebrew name Shmuel, who followed him
to NY and took the name Mike!! Yehoshua beat Shmuel to the punch and
took the name Sam that Shmuel should have had!). Sam and Mike had a cousin,
also named Yehoshua, who also took the name Sam when he came to NY.
I suppose that is uncommon, being so different >from Yehoshua, but in
my family, Yehoshua became Sam in two instances. BTW, Sam's wife, my
grandmother, would rarely affectionately refer to her husband Sam (long dead
before my birth), as Shaya or Shia. I realize that Yehoshua ought to
be translated as Joshua and that should have been grandfather's given name
and mine too, but it did not happen that way.

Steven Vann