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Monroe Ginsburg <monroegdmd@...>

My grandfather Yossel (Joseph) KOBRINSKI was born in Kobryn, Belarus in
December 1889. He was married to Minda and had a son in Kobryn. He
emigrated to New York in 1912 and changed his surname to KOBRE. For
an unknown reason, Minda and their son did not emigrate with Joseph and
the story I was told by my mother was that Minda and her son died in
Kobryn. Joseph married my grandmother Hinda and had their own family.
Fast forward to the funeral of Joseph in February 1964 in Brooklyn, NY.
A man approached my mother's brother at the funeral and informed
him that Joseph was his father too and immediately left the funeral
without telling our family who he was.

I am looking for information on the family of Minda'son and

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Monroe M. Ginsburg
St. Louis, Missouri

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Researching: Grodno, Belarus: GINZBURG (GINSBURG), GALPERN; Volpa or =
Ros, Belarus: SORIN; Kobrin, Belarus- KOBRINSKI. VERNICK; Jakovitz, =
Sinyava, Khmel'nik, Vinnitza , Ukraine- DZIAKOWSKI, DZIAKOFSKI, SHAPIRA, =
SHAPIFKA, SPITZ, TENZER, TANZER; Mogilov (Mogilev), Volhynia, Ukraine- =
WEINER; Kishnev, Kalarash/Bessarabia (Moldova)- CLARIS, BARCHAYSH; =
Volkovitz or Pinsk/Poland. Hull/England- POLLACK=