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Yefim Kogan

Hi Helene,

Here are couple hints of how you can advance your personal research:
1. I suggest you to post a message about your family you researching to our Bessarabia SIG Discussion
group... Put their the names, dates, information you know (marriages, maiden names, etc.), emigration
info.  There are many members in our group and some of them are also interested in that same town.

2. There are 51 (!) researcher who also interested in Calarash (Tuzora), and you can communicate with
them at the Family Finder. Maybe someone will find similarities in their and your families, and you find

This is how I found a number of close relatives I did not know about.

3. I also will try to help you with information you provide..

Please start with posting your story at our discussion group.

All the best,

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hi Yefim
I'm looking for information about my grandfather, Moises/ Moshe Vashbein.
His family was from Kalarash and he made alia in the 20's.
Can you point me to sources?