BialyGen: Bialystok Region #Bialystok #Poland BIALYGen is Now a JewishGen SIG #poland


Dear BIALYGenners:

There have been some changes recently made at JewishGen. The visibility
of BIALYGen, along with the newly formed Danzig/Gdansk group as well as
the Lodz area and Warsaw groups, has increased. All these Polish
regional research groups are now JewishGen Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Go to the JewishGen homepage at and pass your cursor
over the "SIG" section of the Menu Bar in the JewishGen header and then
over "Poland." Then click on "Bialystok Area," which takes you to our

Also, you can scroll down the homepage to "Special Interest Groups"
and click on "Poland," which shows a menu of the four regional groups.

Although not covering as much territory as most JewishGen SIGs, we
believe that our group and website are as important to the Jewish
Genealogical community as the other SIGs and just as active in our

Mark Halpern
BIALYGen Coordinator