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Harold Arkoff <hbarkoff@...>

What wonderful material! On the citizens list for Mazeikiai, I found my
uncles family: Lurija Icikas (my mother's brother) and his wife Chaya and
their first born son. Also my grandmother, Nechama Lurie, born in 1860. How
can I get the Lithuainian translated? Many thanks for your help. Harold
Arkoff, California, USA

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Subject: [courland] Fw: SITE CITE: MAZHEIK (Mazeikiai) Shtetl Memorial

I am forwarding Ilan GANOT's message about Mazheik website.

This site will be of interest to Latvian researchers since many Jews moved
from Lithuania to Latvia, including some of my mother's relatives the AVRECH
family who resided in Mazheik and some moved to Liepaja in 1879.

There is a lot of information on this site including pictures and documents.

Ella Barkan


Subject: SITE CITE: MAZHEIK (Mazeikiai) Shtetl Memorial Website

The memorial website to the destroyed Shtetl of MAZHEIK (Mazeikiai in
Lithuanian) has been transferred >from its temporary private website to its
permanent home: the JewishGen's ShtetLinks.

Mazheik was a small Jewish Shtetl, situated at the northwestern part of
Lithuania, close to the Latvian border.

As with many other Shtetls, Jewish life in Mazheik came to its tragic end in
August 1941, when local Lithuanians initiated and executed mass murder of
most of the local Jewish population.
The MAZHEIK Shtetl Memorial Website was initiated and established by a group
of volunteers, children and grandchildren of Jewish natives of Mazheik,
taking upon them the mission of preserving the memory of this vanished

The new web address of the homepage is:

The main sections of the website are:

- General Geography and History of the town:

- Town History:

- History of the Jewish Community:

New material in this section:

Mazheik Jewish Citizens List 1920-41

Mazeikiai Telephone Directory 1940

- The Holocaust:

- Memorial section, including lists of Holocaust victims and deceased
persons, articles and review of memorial sites:

- Memoirs and Stories section, including old time stories and roots trips

- Family Research section, including lists of names >from 1920-25 period, and
family stories:

Acknowledgements to those who have contributed to transfer of the website to
its new home are included at:

You are kindly invited to visit the website. Comments and additional
material will be accepted with gratitude.

Webmaster and contactperson: Raymond RAVINSKY,

Co-Webmasters: Benzi KAHANA, Ilan GANOT

Mazheik Shtetl Memorial Website