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My grandfather was Benno Friedmann. He was born in or near
Stalluponen (today Nesterov, Russia) in East Prussia, Germany on
September 4, 1874 and died in San Francisco, CA on January 29, 1945.
He married Else Hirsch in approximately 1910 and they raised two sons
in Danzig (today Gdansk, Poland). They all left Europe in 1938 and
1939 and settled in San Francisco.

My inquiry has to to with trying to locate information about who
Benno's parents were and the names and history of his siblings. Benno
began a grain brokerage business in Danzig in approximately 1903. It
is possible that the town in which he was born was a neighboring town
to Stalluponen but family lore has his place of birth as Stalluponen.
His father may have had a retail shop of some kind there and he had at
least 2 or 3 siblings, some of whom may have moved to Berlin but I
don't know anything about their names or if they survived the war. I
would be grateful if anyone has any information which might shed some
light on this subject. Alternatively, if anyone knows of someone who
might be available to assist me in researching this issue I would be
willling to pay a reasonable fee for such services.

Thank you in advance for any information.

Ronald Friedman
Menlo Park, CA