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There's a study online by Richards and Macaulay
(http://www.stats.ox.ac.uk/~macaulay/papers/richards_2000.pdf), in which the
research team compared mtDNA >from several thousand subjects around the world
in order to map out potential pre-historic migration patterns >from the Near
East into Europe.

Macaulay's website has data tables divided by haplotypes
(http://www.stats.ox.ac.uk/~macaulay/founder2000/index.html) that identifies
the ethnicity of people in the study with particular mtDNA mutations.
According to this data, the H-haplotype mutation of 189, 356 and 362,
appeared in the following study participants:

1 individual >from SE Europe (Bulgaria, according to an email I got from

1 individal >from Alpine Europe

1 individual >from the western Mediterranean

1 individual >from Northwest Europe

I myself had a very interesting result according when looking at this study.
I carry the 126 and 362 mutation, a pre-HV haplotype. To my surprise, this
mutation appeared in the following people:

Nubian (southern Egypt/Northern Sudan): 5 individuals
Bedouin Arab: 1
Iraqi: 1
Palestinian: 1
Greek: 1
Bulgarian: 1
Anywhere else in Europe: 0

Macaulay says that he considers this mutation to be African in origin, so
now I'm diving into my ancient history to see exactly what periods of time
had Nubians and Jews coming into regular contact with each other. The exodus
period, Israelite POWs sent to the Nubian border by one of the Ptolemy
Pharaohs, and the Nubian commercial port of Adulis (which had numerous
Jewish merchant residents), are all at the top of my list.

Fascinating stuff... -ac

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