DNA Research #DNA Jewish MtDNA study published in June ("exciting, important") #dna

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Supplementing NYTimes article reported in May by Kitty
Munson, I note publication of the DNA based article
"Founding Mothers of Jewish Communities" at 70
American Journal of Human Genetics l411 (June 2002).
Subtitle is "Geographically Separated Jewish Groups
Were INDEPENDENTLY Founded by Very Few Female
Ancestors" (emphasis added). Jerusalem Post article
on June 16 quotes professor Karl Skorecki as
describing study as "very exciting" and "very
important". Post article notes "surprisingly
different genetic histories" for male founders of
Diaspora communities and female community founders.
It is said "the mothers' mitochondrial DNA seems to
indicate local Diaspora origin" for the women. This
contrasts with "data on the Y chromosome (that)
indicates that the males originated in the Middle

Howard Sachs, Kansas City