DNA Research #DNA Re: Is DNA useful to find lost relatives #dna

David Schreiber

I have a question based on this posting. If the Y-chromosome is
passed virtually unchanged >from father to all male children, a match
of 65 out of 67 markers between brothers represents a background
mutation rate of roughly 3%. Isn't that kind of high? Is it
possible that such a high rate is caused by experimental error
in the tests? Just wondering.

David Schreiber
Melbourne, FL

--- On Fri, 7/3/09, Marsha Epstein <marsha.epstein@gmail.com> wrote:

Date: Friday, July 3, 2009, 6:48 PM
I disagree with the statement "Its not that useful though for finding
lost relatives." It depends upon your definition of lost relatives. My
father's brother matched on 65 of 67 markers and has a 99% chance of
having a common ancestor within 12 generations (about 300 years), or a
95% chance of a common ancestor within 200 years with one person.