DNA Research #DNA Re: If Results are Not Beneficial to Research, Why Test? #dna

Arline and Sidney Sachs

I could not tell rather Carolyn Lea (nee Schwarzbaum) had her father
tested or rather it was her Population Finder results that said your
father was an Ashkenazi. If it was >from his results and he was tested on
the Y, there is no reason to have you brother tested unless you do not
trust your mother. :-) If your father was not tested, getting your
brother Y tested could be useful for following your direct paternal line.
The "Advanced Matches" listing does show the male haplogroups and you
could drop anyone that is not in his haplogroup. If you do get your
brother FF tested, his list should have a few different names then your
and where the common DNA with others could be totally different.

About using the mtDNA testing for you maternal gg grandmother, the person
tested could be a male also since a mother pass the mtDNA down to all of
her children. One thing about mtDNA, it does not mutation very fast and
your may be share with millions of others.

Sidney Sachs
Lorton, VA
J2b2e Y-DNA haplogroup