DNA Research #DNA RE: Testing #dna

Adam Cherson

Dear Errol,

I believe you are referring to an autosomal (large proportion of the
entire genome) test of both parents and one that includes the Y
Chromosome for your father. If so, then for genealogical research you
don't need another test for yourself since everything that is in you is
in them. The only thing which is new about you is the particular mixture
of their genes plus any recombination or mutation alterations that may
have occurred uniquely in you.

If your testing has not provided the ancestral haoplogroup result for
both your mother and father I would try to see if that can be added.
Haplogroup information has some limited but pretty interesting uses. If
you have your parents' haplogroups you have yours (without the need to
test yourself).

Using prior generations, provided these can be tested, is in fact a
better way of researching your own genealogical history since your
parents dna includes more information about their respective ancestries
than does yours.

Good Luck,
Adam Cherson

From: eslviv@aol.com
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2017 08:45:50 -0500

I did DNA testing for most of my family but never did my own. Since I
did my father and mother to the highest level including the "Y"
chromosome. Is it necessary that I do the same.
I am a male.
Errol Schneegurt