DNA Research #DNA Re: Paternal and Maternal designations within Family Finder (FTDNA) #dna

Peggy Mosinger Freedman <peggyfreedman@...>

Here is more detail aboutPaternal and Maternal designations within Family
Finder (FTDNA)

This is a tool that is based on computer analysis of your data. You can
not turn it on and off. You start it by "assigning test results to
relatives on your family tree."

To assign test results to relatives:

1) Enter your own family tree by going to the Dashboard (for me,
this is the first page when I log in) and clicking on MENU symbol on the
top left (three horizontal lines and the words myFTDNA)

2) A menu opens, click on FAMILY TREE

3) Spend some time learning to navigate this area. You can enter
data, then delete it, so don't be afraid to experiment. In the beginning,
nothing will show but the test taker. You can upload a GEDCOM or enter
people individually by clicking on the icon for the person, then clicking
ADD RELATIONSHIP. I make a special GEDCOM that shows only direct
ancestors and one generation of their children in order to 1) protect
privacy and 2) simplify navigating this screen.

4) Because I do not show all my known cousins on my FamilyTree DNA
tree, I have an extra step. If I look at the match list, I have to be
sure that my known cousin with a DNA test is on the family tree that I
have created. I go to our most recent common ancestor and add the direct
relatives so that the matching person appears on the FamilyTree DNA tree.

5) On the Family Tree screen, click on the button on the top left
that says DNA MATCHES. A list of your matches should appear. Find the
name of the person that you know is a match and drag the name to the
circle on your tree that represents that person.

6) Your match will get an email asking if they accept the

7) When the other person accepts that this is a real match, allow
the computers some time to analyze all your matches. If your known
match is related to only one of your parents, you will begin to get pink
and blue boxes on your unknown matches that indicate they are related to
both you and your cousin.

I tested my mother -- her father was >from Lithuania and her mother's
family is >from Hungary. Because a number of known cousins have also
tested, I have a better idea which side of the tree to look for unknown
matches if they have a pink or blue icon on them.

Hope this helps!

Peggy Mosinger Freedman
Atlanta, GA