DNA Research #DNA FT DNA - volume and threshhold of matches #dna

Steve Stein

My wife and I both tested years ago with Family Tree DNA. To date, I have
more than 3500 people listed as matches, growing at about 30 per week. My
wife has more than 21,500. Hers is growing at about 200 per week. Yet of
those 21,000+ matches, fewer than 140 have a total shared cM of >100 and
longest block > 20 cM (Lara Diamond's threshold for endogamous matches worth
seeking paper trail), and of those, only 1 has a total match > 150 cM with a
longest string greater than 30 (her higher threshold). Yet every time I get
a notice >from them of new matches, I feel obligated to go check, only to
find that they report matches at such a low level that I am always

I have assiduously pursued potential matches at the high end; I am only now
working on my first potential match that has a hope of a paper trail.

Is there any way to either let FT DNA know that I am not interested in lower
level matches, or to have the match display default to a filter?

Steve Stein
Highland Park, NJ