Early American SIG #USA Minutes #1 #usa


Dear fellow Yankee Doodle Genealogists,

My name is Marvin Calo Weinberg and I am the coordinator of the Early
American SIG.

Here is a quick report of the Birds of a Feather (BOF) Meeting at the
International Conference in DC.

After the members introduced themselves, we talked about how to find
passenger list information.

Some of the suggestions were:

Look into pre 1892 passenger lists for NY. (Helene Kenven)
Develop a bibliography for Dutch to America and perhaps an index.
Suggested getting John P. Coletta to speak or purchase his tape on Early
American ships coming to the US. (He gave a lecture on that topic at the
Comparing 1880 Census with City Directories and DAR Library's passenger
Hamburg passenger lists when they become available for the mid 1900's.

We are fortunate to have John Paul Lowens volunteer as Moderator. He is
probably the most qualified person in the Jewish Gen world, and has
experience with the German Sig. He encouraged all in attendance to
subscribe to the Early American Sig Forum. For help with subscriptions
or other technical questions about the Early American SIG membership and
mailings contact John at: GerSig@...

Kathy Wallach (Kwallach@...) offered to collect sources for pre
1880 ship arrivals. If you have any suggestions or know any sources,
please email Kathy.

Perhaps the most exciting suggestion was a bibliography of documentation
of Jewish communities in America prior to 1880. This could come from
books, cemetery and congregation records, Jewish newspapers, etc.

A discussion of where to look for more information followed. I am doing
some preliminary research on what exists to see how we can consider this
as a project. More on that later.

Finally I want to thank the lady who volunteered to take the minutes of
the Birds of a Feather Meeting. Without her help I wouldn't have been
able to give you this report. If she would send me her name, I would like
to put it in my next posting.

Postscript: There were 2 volunteers that came to me after the meeting to
offer help on an Early American list of Jewish names >from books or
organizations that they knew of.

I hope that these volunteers will encourage other to do the same. We can
only contribute to the future of Early American Jewish Genealogy by each
of us doing his or her part.

Marvin Calo Weinberg White Plains, NY
Early American Sig Coordinator.

"If God were planning a family reunion, we'd be making out the guest list"