Early American SIG #USA Application to Naturalize #usa

M. Faber <mfaber@...>

I am finally making headway with my KALVRISKY family but need help once
I found my Great Grandfather's Record of Declaration (in County civil
minutes) along with the civil minutes of his naturalization in Bastrop
Texas, dated 9/1/1891 & 10/20/1891. What I can't find, is his arrival in
the US, per his record of declaration, 5/15/1882 in NY. I've searched EIDB
& other on-line ship lists with no luck. Any other suggestions would be
greatly appreciated.

My 2nd question related to my KALVRISKY family is why did he arrive in NY
and settle in Texas? What made him make that long trip if he was possibly
the first of the family to settle in the US? I'm hoping finding his ship
manifest will help. Is there also any other information I should be looking
for to unravel the mystery?

Thanks in advance for any advice or help,

Monica M. Faber mfaber@texoma.net Bells, TX