Early American SIG #USA Re: Helene Kenvin's web proposal #usa

Rachel Unkefer <runkefer@...>

Several years ago at the beginning of EA SIG, I took tentative steps
toward something of this sort, with a state-by-state directory of
family names being researched by EA-SIG members and research
resources by state. Admittedly we didn't get very far with it, but I
think it would be valuable, as geography is one of the most important
issues in our research. If any of you are familiar with USGenWeb
(actually, if you are not, you should be), that might be a model to
consider--pages for each state where we have active research and then
sub-sites within the states, either counties or major cities with
Jewish populations.

At the moment, I am involved with other projects, so I don't have
time to help with web design, but I might be able to sometime in
2007. Like Helene, I have gathered a lot of information on certain
places that I could share. Also, it might be good to try to
coordinate with the cemetery project to get some of the smaller and
older Jewish cemeteries documented around the country. Links to that
database could appear where appropriate in location pages.

Rachel Unkefer Virginia <runkefer@pinehurst.net>