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Louise Gross

Dear Genners,

I would appreciate any help identifying the people in the photos VM11009
and VM11010. They are pictures of my Uncle, Aunts and their families.
The name of the studio, printed on the back of the picture of a woman
with a little girl, was P. MANDEL located in Paris, France. There is
also a penciled notation (4-21/6) which could be a date, maybe.

I know that my mother's brothers, Leibl and Reuven TER, emigrated to
France >from Poland before WWII. Leibl TER and his wife Elke are listed
in Klarsfeld's Deportation of French Jews and I have a copy of the
receipt, signed by my uncle, for money and valuables taken >from him at

There is no mention of a Reuven TER, but a David Wolf TER is listed both
in Klarsfeld's book and in YadVashem's list of victims >from Auschwitz.
Yad Vashem's list gives the name of his parents as Hersch and Leah TER
(my grandparents) and his place of birth as Poreba, Poland in 1904.

If anyone can tell me anything about these photos or identify the
subjects, I would be very grateful. If anyone knows of any TERs
living in France whose ancestors are >from Poland, that would be

Please contact me at lulux@... .

Louise Gross

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